Our company has an experienced team of licensed local guides, who are eager to take you on a tour of the major highlights in our area. As real specialists in shore excursions for cruise ship passengers, we can provide the most convenient means of transport at reasonable prices: modern minivans, minibuses or larger coaches, but we also run accessible tours with adapted vehicles, even walking ones to take full advantage of the proximity between pier and city center. And, of course, if you don’t find among our selection the tour you had on mind, we can arrange private custom ones if that is your option.


    The city’ s old quarter lying very close to the pier, Cartagena is an ideal location for a walking tour. Route starts by the harbor with an introduction to the area’s history, then heads for the Roman Theater Museum (& Remains) for a complete tour of the main highlight in town, first enjoying the different […]


    Tour starts by the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology, for you to have an overview of navigation in the Mediterranean, as Cartagena’s harbour has always been considered the best natural port lying by its Western shore, this being the main reason for the city to become by the 18th to become one of the three […]


    Out of the different kinds of interesting heritages existing in such an ancient city as Cartagena actually is, this is a tour focused on the mouth-watering one, as you will be paying a visit to three different bars from the old quarter which are not the usual visitor-oriented thing you can expect. The first two […]


    Built on the wings of the development brought by the late 19th-century Mining Heyday, Cartagena’s old quarter is one of the most important Art-Noveau ensembles in Spain. The local mining tycoon’s private town-houses stand in line along the main street, together with public buildings such as the Grand Hotel and the magnificent Town-Hall, but each […]


    Did you ever know that, for a few months by the late 19th century, Cartagena declared itself like an independent Republic from Spain, even asking the EEUU to become an associate state? This event, known as the Cantonal Uprising, was the actual prelude to the early 20th century, when the Mining Heyday was already over […]


    By joining this tour, you will be provided with the most comprehensive overview of the city’s long history. After being picked up, you will first make a panoramic drive of the city, then heading for the site that tells everything about its real founders, Carthaginians, to behold the oldest archaeological remains in town, those of […]


    One of the true hidden highlights in Cartagena, when talking about ancient heritage is, undoubtedly, its imposing Roman Sandstone Quarries, just 15 minutes away from the port, where you will  initially be picked up; very few people actually know that they are still standing in the outskirts of the city, quite forgotten but as impressive […]


    A tour specially designed for those of you wanting to enjoy, in an easy and convenient way, both the best scenery in the area and the main local highlight, the Roman Theatre. After being picked up by the port, tour starts heading for the coastline, for you to discover along the drive the main geographical […]


    Founded by Muslims in the 9th century and conquered by Christians kings in the 13th century, the bustling city of Murcia offers a wide variety of architectural delights. First stop in the tour is the baroque Monastery of the Virgin of Fuensanta, the Patroness of the city, from where you will enjoy breathtaking views of […]


    Not many people know that the roots of the Islamic culture that built La Alhambra were first grown in this city, as that essential Moorish monument was built by Muslims only after being defeated here by Christians and fleeing then for Granada. Thus, Murcia has several Islamic remains scattered around, such as those of the […]


    A trip designed for those wanting to get to know the two main cities in the Region, each one of them telling a completely different story: ancient in Cartagena’s case, medieval in Murcia’s. The bus picks you up by the port, firstly heading for the capital city of the Region for you to be dropped […]


    For nearly 70 years, from the middle 19th century to the end of the First World War, cigars were lighted with money bills in La Unión –just 11 kilometers east of Cartagena-, the whole area becoming known as the South European California after lead mines were rediscovered there. This tour digs in the glory days […]


    Lorca being one of the main outposts in the medieval border that separated Muslims and Christians kingdoms from the 13th to the 15th century, the city was by those times an example of coexistence among the three cultures existing in the area, including the Jewish one. This has been proved recently by the discovery of […]

  • Medieval Caravaca Tour

    More than 1200 years ago (by the 8th century), Muslim armies coming from North Africa invaded Spain. They ruled the spanish South East for nearly 500 years, till they were defeated by Christians around the middle of the 13th century. When so, they run away to Granada and built La Alhambra, this kingdom becoming the […]


    Not many people know that the best wines in the Region are nowadays produced inland, in a lovely setting known as Valle del Aceniche, 800 meters high and with its own microclimate, one that gets very little rainfall and undergoes big oscillations between hot days and cold nights. Only one grape variety can stand those […]


    Find out why this is one of the most succesful tours in our catalogue; mainly because, after picking you up by the port, takes you straight inland the Region to combine wine tourism and a really attractive excursion in just one outing. Tour consists of, firstly, an impressive panoramic drive through the best scenery in […]


    You will be picked up from the port by your guide to first head for the very close-by and completely step-free National Museum of Submarine Archaeology, where you’ll get a whole introduction to the history of the city. After this visit, you will get on your private adapted transport, to be driven on top of […]


    Starting by the pier and the port area, the itinerary follows the 18th-century wall erected by then to prevent the attacks coming from the sea into the city, then getting to the Roman Theatre Museum and remains for a complete tour of these facilities. This museum is actually a three-floor one, whose upper floors are […]


    After picking up customers by Cartagena’s pier, coach heads for Murcia City. Tour gets then started by paying a visit to the most important and revered religious shrine in the area, devoted to the worshipping of the local Patron Virgin and located by an amazing vantage point from where stunning views of the whole city […]


    This tour gathers the main highlights from both Murcia and Cartagena in just one tour. After being picked up by your adapted transport in Cartagena, 40 minutes later you will be dropped off by Murcia’s Old Quarter,  where you will be touring its cathedral and its magnificent Casino -actually an exclusive membership club-, to later […]

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