Despite being a mid-size city, ELCHE can be proud of having 2 UNESCO World Heritages: The “Palm Tree Forest”, declared a World Heritage Site in 2000, and “El Misteri”, since 2001 a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage. Starting with the former, it’s very true that palms can be seen everywhere in Elche, and a good example is the tranquil Municipal Park, located next to the old quarter, which you will be strolling through in your way to the blue-domed Basilica of Santa María, the largest church in the city, where you will be told about the unique Passion Play known as “El Misteri”, a lyrical sacred drama performed in August. Later on you will be able to enjoy a pleasant visit to the “Priest’s Garden”, the most impressive one in the Palm Tree Forest, where you can stroll along the paths between ponds and a huge variety of plants, not to mention the astonishing cacti collection. The highlight of the garden is the magnificent 8-trunk “Imperial Palm Tree”, named after Empress “Sissy”.

  • Walk through the Municipal Park
  • Basilica of Santa María’s visit
  • Huerto del Cura Botanical garden Tour

Driving time from Cartagena: 80 minutes – Duration: 6 hours

Physical Grade: Low, always over flat ground

Meeting Place: By the port

55 € per person
(for 7 people)
36 € per person
(for a minimum of 12 people)
28 € per person
(for a minimum of 18 people)
25 € per person
(for a minimum of 24 people)

All prices include Fees to the Botanical Garden.