Lorca being one of the main outposts in the medieval border that separated Muslims and Christians kingdoms from the 13th to the 15th century, the city was by those times an example of coexistence among the three cultures existing in the area, including the Jewish one. This has been proved recently by the discovery of remains belonging to a medieval synagogue and the quarter surrounding it: it is the only Jewish temple that didn’t become a Christian church with the passing of time, so you can behold the remains just as they were left by jews praying there 500 years ago… These remains are very close to the impressive fortress built by Christians on top of a pointed hill after defeating Muslims in the area, nowadays turned into an archaeological park which you will be touring afterwards. Later on, we will be driving downtown to visit a museum where different artefacts  from that local Jewish heritage are exhibited.

  • Remains of Jewish synagogue from the 15th century
  • Visit Lorca’s Medieval Fortress
  • Tour of the Local Archaeological Museum

Driving time from Cartagena: 75 minutes – Duration: 6 hours

Physical Grade: Low – No steps, always flat pavement

Meeting Place: By the port

55 € per person
(for 7 people)
36 € per person
(for a minimum of 12 people)
28 € per person
(for a minimum of 18 people)
25 € per person
(for a minimum of 24 people)

All prices include Fees for both Archaeological Park & Museum.