For nearly 70 years, from the middle 19th century to the end of the First World War, cigars were lighted with money bills in La Unión –just 11 kilometers east of Cartagena-, the whole area becoming known as the South European California after lead mines were rediscovered there. This tour digs in the glory days of that Mining Heyday by taking you to the capital of that wealthy period, the town of La Unión, to enjoy such magnificent Art-Nouveau buildings as the Casa del Piñón or the Municipal Market, the latter also being the see for a nationally famous Flamenco Festival held each year in the city. After that architectural stroll, we will head for the Mining Park, for you to get on a trolley train that will take you to the bowels of earth, as you will be visiting the only mine remaining from that time that has been open for public tours, Agrupa Vicenta, a really amazing experience you won’t forget.

  • Panoramic Drive from Cartagena to the close-by town of La Union
  • Gorgeous-Looking Local Mining Tycoons’ buildings
  • Mining Park with entrance to a real mine

Driving time from Cartagena: 15 minutes – Duration: 4 hours

Physical Grade: Low – No steps, always flat pavement

Meeting Place: By the port

55 € per person
(for 7 people)
36 € per person
(for a minimum of 12 people)
28 € per person
(for a minimum of 18 people)
25 € per person
(for a minimum of 24 people)

All prices include Fees.