Not many people know that the roots of the Islamic culture that built La Alhambra were first grown in this city, as that essential Moorish monument was built by Muslims only after being defeated here by Christians and fleeing then for Granada. Thus, Murcia has several Islamic remains scattered around, such as those of the 12th century wall, made of rammed earth, where the tour will be started. Later on we will be heading for the Cathedral, actually built over the mosque, and whose foundations can still be noticed. But maybe the most amazing Moorish vestiges remaining are the ones preserved in a local museum, and belonging to a 13th-century summer palace, showing an inner central courtyard with a water pond looking exactly as it did more than 800 years ago. Tour will be ended by the river, both the actual local source of life and true origin for the development brought to the area by these medieval rulers.

  • Remains from the 12th-century Muslim wall
  • Cathedral’s Moorish Foundations
  • Casino’s Arabian Courtyard
  • Remains from a 13th-century Islamic palace

Driving time from Cartagena: 40 minutes – Duration: 4’5 hours

Physical Grade: Low – No steps, always flat pavement

Meeting Place: By the port

55 € per person
(for 7 people)
36 € per person
(for a minimum of 12 people)
28 € per person
(for a minimum of 18 people)
25 € per person
(for a minimum of 24 people)

All prices include Fees for both Muslim museum & Cathedral.