A tour specially designed for those of you wanting to enjoy, in an easy and convenient way, both the best scenery in the area and the main local highlight, the Roman Theatre. After being picked up by the port, tour starts heading for the coastline, for you to discover along the drive the main geographical wonder to be enjoyed here, the so-called Mar Menor (“Little Sea”), an inner salted lagoon splashed with volcanic islands and separated from the Mediterranean through a long thin spit of sand. Our next destination will be a charming fishing village where the tallest lighthouse in the Spanish Mediterranean coastline stands, built over a cape from where fine views of the sea can be enjoyed. After having a coffee break by the village, we will make our way back to Cartagena driving through the impressive scenery of an ancient mining sierra; during the ride your guide will share with you the local ancient history, before paying a final visit to the Roman Theatre Museum & Remains. A tour quite suitable for people with mobility issues.

  • Coastal Panoramic Drive to enjoy the best scenery in the area
  • Tallest Lighthouse in the Spanish Mediterranean Coastline (outside)
  • Complete Tour of the Roman Theatre Museum & Remains

Driving time from Cartagena: 30 minutes – Duration: 4 hours

Physical Grade: Low – No steps, always flat pavement

Meeting Place: By the port

55 € per person
(for 7 people)
36 € per person
(for a minimum of 12 people)
28 € per person
(for a minimum of 18 people)
25 € per person
(for a minimum of 24 people)

All prices include Fees for the Punic Wall Heritage Site & Panoramic Lift.