Did you ever know that, for a few months by the late 19th century, Cartagena declared itself like an independent Republic from Spain, even asking the EEUU to become an associate state? This event, known as the Cantonal Uprising, was the actual prelude to the early 20th century, when the Mining Heyday was already over and very hard times did come, as the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) brought heavy bombings over civil population for the first time in history. We will be paying a visit to the different local scenarios for that war, such as the Artillery Headquarters or the Air Raid Shelters, to end the tour by one of the huge military facilities from the 18th century that was used as Naval Hospital all along the past century, up to 1984. And finally, learn about the transformations turning the city from a military hub into a touristy spot during its last 25 years of history.

  • Tour of the 18th-century Artillery Headquarters nowadays turned into a Military Museum
  • Air Raid Shelter’s Museum Visit
  • Entrance to the 18th Naval Hospital

35 € per person (Including Military Museum & Air Raid Shelter’s Fees)

Duration: 3 hours – Physical Grade: Low

Meeting Place: By the pier

MINIMUM: 6 people (Reduced Groups up to 25 people)