The city’ s old quarter lying very close to the pier, Cartagena is an ideal location for a walking tour. Route starts by the harbor with an introduction to the area’s history, then heads for the Roman Theater Museum (& Remains) for a complete tour of the main highlight in town, first enjoying the different artifacts found in the excavations, to top the visit giving you the chance of stepping over the theater’s stage. Tour will be resumed by pleasantly strolling through the main street to reach the other roman site to be found in the old quarter, that of the Roman Forum Neighbourhood, for you to behold the latest remains recently discovered by the heart of the city, those belonging to the baths and to a building for religious banquets; the whole ensemble being considered by specialists only as important as Pompeii’s urban remains.

  • Roman Theater Museum & Remains
  • Remains from Roman Baths
  • Fresco Paintings from a building where ritual banquets were held
  • Isis’ devoted temple
  • Remains from the Via Augusta

35 € per person (Includes Fees for both Roman Theater & Roman Forum Heritage Site)

Duration: 3 hours – Physical Grade: Low

Meeting Place: By the pier

MINIMUM: 6 people (Reduced Groups up to 25 people)