You know something? Not many people had ever heard about Cartagena just 20 years ago… Mainly because the city, although having a really ancient heritage, had neglected it for quite a long time. By the 18th century, it was turned into a military hub, and over the second half of the 20th century, we lived through a 40 year long dictatorship, during which my hometown was like a waste land, talking about heritage. But something changed by the end of the millenium: all of a sudden, and just by chance, the remains of a roman theatre, carved by the slope of the main hill in the city, were found. This meant a major turning point for locals such as me, who have always considered the past as the root feeding the present, and being actually eager to bring back to life its too long neglected history, I also chose to change my job: from working as a journalist for papers whose owners told what to write, I became a self-taught tourist guide, and a fully licensed one after passing the required exam… Then starting a new chapter of my life in which I keep on telling stories, that hopefully will interest you.
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Cartagena, Murcia, España
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