Completely aware that each season has something different to offer, our company shifts its focus where the action actually is depending on the moment. Then, it’s up to you to stay tuned not to miss anything!


The end of the long hot summer brings back activity to the main cities in the Region. During its  first fortnight, Murcia is home for the so called September Fair, while the big Festivities in Cartagena are held during the second half of that same month. The Capital City pays homage to its founders, muslim invaders from Africa, and to its local enemies, spanish Christians, a medieval story you will be told in our Moors & Christians Tour, prior to the parade gathering both sides along the street later in that day’s evening . Cartagena, in turn, revisits ancient history reenacting the foundation of the city by Carthaginian settlers and its further conquest by Roman armies in the late 3rd century b.C. Our Carthaginians and Romans Tour will allow you to have a first-hand ‘ancient’ experience, as it will take you through the main sites related to that fighting story, before dropping you right by the beginning of  the Great Parade of Carthaginian Troops and Roman Legions.


WHEN: Early September (Murcia) / Late September (Cartagena)

16 €/Pax

Inclusions: Punic Wall Heritage Site’s entrance Fee
in Cartagena & Las Claras Museum Fee in Murcia

Duration: 2hrs. – Physical Grade:  Low

Minimum: 6 people

Meeting Place & Time: Main Local Tourist Offices in Cartagena & Murcia, 5 PM


The coming of spring (late march/early april) marks the time for the main religious festivities in the Region, the colourful Easter Processions, actually theatrical parades consisting of a sequence of thrones out in the street telling the story of the Passion of Christ, taking advantage of the beat of the drums, lights, flowers’ sculpturings and really accomplished wooden carvings. We usually offer 3 different tours during the festivities, in all of them our customers are taken to the interior of the churches, where floats for that evening’s parade are being embellished during  the whole day long; entering there actually means being transported to a different world with plenty of activity, artistry and devotion. Two of the tours are run in Cartagena during the afternoons of Easter Wednesday and Good Friday, while the remaining one takes place in Murcia City the day in-between, Maundy Thursday. Later on, you are free to watch the parade, if that is your wish, as you will be recommended best places to do so.


WHEN: Late March / Early April

16 €/Pax

Inclusions: Entrance to the churches were the parades leave

Duration: 2 hrs – Physical Grade:  Low

Minimum: 6 people

Meeting Point & Time: Main Local Tourist Offices in Cartagena & Murcia, 5 PM


During the very late october and early november, both Cartagena & Murcia are home for our quite succesful Halloween Tours, run by the eclectical cemetery of Los Remedios in Cartagena and thru Murcia’s old quarter to tell its most mysterious legends while taking a stroll along its main streets, even entering the venue where actually took place one them, the gorgeous-looking romantic theatre of Romea.


WHEN:  October the 30th to November the 3rd

16 €/Pax

Duration: 2hrs. – Physical Grade:  Low

Minimum: 6 people

Cartagena’s Meeting Point: Los Remedios Cemetery Parking Lot –  See Map

Murcia’s Meeting Point: Main Tourist Office, Plaza Belluga –  See Map


Lying very close to Cartagena is to be found the main geographical wonder in the area, the so-called Mar Menor, actually a salty lagoon from volcanic origin. Its waters are always calmed and it’s a place with a really beautiful scenery. This lagoon has a quite interesting natural life, mainly birds such as cormorans, and the best way to enjoy it is by means of a sailing trip which departs from the summer resort of La Manga and takes you around all its 5 islands among them the famous Baron Island, once a hunting spot for the Spanish royals and nowadays home for a noble family who built a neomoorish mansion shrouded in mystery.


WHEN: From June to September

30 €/Pax

Inclusions: Guide and Boat’s ticket

Duration: 1’5 hours – Physical Grade:  Low

Minimum: 15 people

Meeting Point Location – See Map



We want to show you Cartagena from a different perspective. Tour will get started  by entering the gorgeous-looking Town Hall, to later on welcoming this year’s festivities in the best possible way, as we will be strolling through Cartagena’s old quarter to enjoy its magnificent Christmas lights and its warm atmosphere during these very special days, without forgetting a local Christmas must: its Nativity or Belén! To top the cake, tour will be ended by tasting some delicious tapas & drinks by a really nice bar lying in the old quarter.


WHEN: December 20-22

20 €/pax

Inclusions: Tapas and drinks

Duration: Two and a half hours – Physical Grade: Low

Minimum: 6 people

Meeting Point & Time: Old Town Hall’s Tourist Office, 6.30 PM – See Map


This is the right time to wonder at the skills displayed by the 18th century craftsmen from Italy and Spain, that succeeded in creating these small masterpieces that the nativities actually are. For the first time ever,  the best baroque nativities  from Southern Europe can be beheld in the same museum, the one showing the major works of the so-considered most accomplished murcian sculptor, Francisco Salzillo. Later on we will be strolling through Murcia’s old  quarter in order to discover some of the Christmas nativities scattered through the city center.


WHEN: December 26-30


Inclusions: Entrance Fee to Salzillo’s Museum

Duration: Two hours – Physical Grade: Low

Price per person: 15 – Minimum: 6 people

Meeting Point & Time: Main Tourist Office, Plaza Belluga, 10.30 AMSee Map


When the summer heat begins to grow weak, it’s time for harvest season to get started in the regional Wine Designations of Origin. September is the month to do so in Jumilla wine growing area, and in our special Jumilla Wine Harvest Tour, you will be given the chance of performing a rather amusing wine making related activity: grape treading in wooden barrels, for you to experience the traditional way of obtaining the precious juice from that fruit. Treading will be followed by a tasting with a countryside lunch. By October, our focus moves to the northwest area in the Region, to Bullas, where, instead of treading over them, our Bullas Wine Harvest Tour offers you the opportunity of eating them, after picking the grapes with your own hands directly from the vines where they are being grown: you will be sampling not only Monastrell (main variety in the area), also Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet, provided they are available. All this, followed by a proper tasting with an aperitif including local specialties.



WHEN: September

40 €/Pax

Inclusions: Transport, Tasting & Apperitif

Duration: 6 hours – Physical Grade: Low

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Point: Los Alcázares (Hotel 525) or other spot of your choice in the Mar Menor Area. Other spots in the Region please consult

MINIMUM: 14 people



WHEN: September & October

40 €/Pax

Inclusions: Transport, Tasting & Apperitif.
With Lunch included: 50 €/Pax

Duration: 6 hours / with Lunch: 8 hours – Physical Grade: Low

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Point: Los Alcázares (Hotel 525) or other spot of your choice in the Mar Menor Area. Other spots in the Region please consult

MINIMUM: 12 people