A tour to the bowels of earth

Not many people know that the main reason for the foundation of Cartagena was the finding of a wealthy mining sierra full of such valuable metal  as silver, lead , zinc or tin. First both Carthageneans and Romans worked those mines, the latter having up to 40.000 slaves there. As a result of that intensive activity, Romans left no silver at all and with the decline of the empire the mines were forgotten till the middle of the 19th century when, because of the industrial revolution, lead was badly needed for sewage systems and pipes. Thus came up the second mining period, when plenty of mines were opened. One of them was Agrupa Vicenta Mine, truly considered by the specialists “the Sistine Chapel” of the mines, for two reasons: it spreads over 4.800 squared meters and its vaults lie unusually high, at seven or eight meters. Abandoned  40 years ago, the mine has been reopened recently as part of a major project to convey to the tourists what in former times meant the mining activity in the area, both economically and socially speaking. A very impressive visit, quite different to what you are used to.

Driving time from Cartagena: 25 minutes
Tour Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Low. Bus to the Mining Sierra, then we take a train to the entrance of the mine, only very few steps inside it.



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