Through this guided tour you will discover how learning about the city’s history means getting to know facts about the whole Mediterranean. Our story begins by the 3rd century BC, when Rome was the prevailing empire in the area and only one people dared to challenge their overwhelming power: the Carthageneans, that founded the city here after the finding of some silver mines. They fought the Romans in a series of wars known as the punic wars: from this time we will show you the remains of the Punic Wall, the only remains belonging to them preserved in Europe. After the second war the city became a roman colony up to the 4th century AD; the main highlights from this period being the Roman Forum Neighborhood (remains from  thermal baths and a public building for religious ritual banquets) and the Roman Theatre. We will finish by giving you a panoramic drive of the city and some free time by downtown to enjoy a well-deserved coffee or drink.

Tour Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: Low. No steps, always flat pavement.

Please, note, that you will be picked up by our guide at the pier and  NO TRANSPORT IS NEEDED OTHER THAN YOUR FEET!



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