Birdwatching In San Pedro Salt Marshes Regional Park

The easiest and most convenient locationto do some bird watching close to the pier is the Regional Park of San Pedro Salt Marshes. By paying a visit to the park, located north of the inland salted lagoon known as Mar Menor , only 35 minutes from Cartagena, you will get to know the unique environment of the coastal wetland. Birds such as the flamingo, the little egret, the shelduck, the black-winged stilt, the avocet and many different species of seagulls either have their home here or find in this spot a resting station on their way south. In addition to this, the scenery is really beautiful; here you are surrounded by the ponds belonging to the salt marshes, and you can make your way through a pine forest in which the trees take some very strange forms. And only a few meters from the forest, the Mediterranean and a welcoming beach of pristine sand. The park covers 859 hectars and has many different sightseeing points for birdwatching.

Driving Time from pier: 35 minutes
Tour Duration: 3 hrs. 45 minutes
Difficulty: Low. Flat and sandy ground, wooden catwalks. You need suitable walking equipment, a hat, some water and sun cream.



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