Calblanque Regional Park

If you are more interested in landscape and nature, we are going to tell you a secret. There is only a tour in which you can enjoy sun, beach and wildlife all in the same package.  Just 20 minutes from the pier lies a nature regional park that shows you the typical mediterranean scenery from southeast Spain; that meaning dry, almost desertic  areas plenty of dunes where you can find palm trees and bushes. And lying in the heart of the park, surrounded by hills in a central basin, salt marshes that are also ideal for bird watching.  If you don’t go for the cultural thing, this is truly the best hidden treasure that can be discovered in the area; an unique ecological environment with some endemic vegetal species that only grow here and some distinctive features as the fossil dunes. Specially meant for coastal hiking and with the not to be underestimated option of having a final swim in a long unspoilt beach of fine ochre sand… You will find out why the name of the park is CalBlanque (White Cove).

Driving time from Cartagena: 30 minutes
Tour Duration: 3 hours and a half
Difficulty: Low. Two hours and a half of hiking through nice paths and sandy beaches, no climbing. You will need suitable equipment, including hat and water.



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