A trip to frontier territory

By the 8th century,  Muslims coming from north Africa invaded Spain. They ruled in Murcia for nearly  500 years, till the Christians defeated them around the middle of the 13th century. When so, they ran away to Grenade and built La Alhambra, this becoming the last Moorish stronghold in spain, one that held on for two centuries and a half. During that period, the war between Muslims and Christians was fought in the border between Granada and Murcia, where the medieval town of Caravaca lies. We will take you to this area full of legends and vestiges from those times, some of them as magnificent as the Holy Cross of Caravaca, a true relic of the catholic faith still venerated in a sanctuary built for that purpose, whose worshipping has made this place one of the 5 Holy Cities in the Catholic World, together with Rome, Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela and Toribio de Liebana (Northern Spain)…  You can ask for a certificate attesting your pilgrimage to the city. The tour will be completed with a stroll through the medieval quarters which are full of gorgeous buildings belonging to this era.

Driving Time from pier: 80 minutes
Tour Duration: 5 hours and a half
Difficulty: Middle; some steps going up to the sanctuary, although a tourist train can be hired for that purpose.



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