Elche, despite being a mid-size city, can be proud of having 2 UNESCO World Heritages: The “Palm Tree Forest”, declared a World Heritage Site in 2000, and “El Misteri”, since 2001 a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage.
In this tour you can enjoy a pleasant visit to the “Priest’s Garden”, the most impressive one in the Palm Tree Forest, where you can stroll along the paths between ponds and a huge variety of plants, not to mention the astonishing cacti collection. Visitors are welcomed by a replica of the mysterious Iberian bust called the “Lady of Elche”, considered to be the most important archaeological artifact in Spain. The highlight of the garden is the magnificent  8-trunk “Imperial Palm Tree”, named after Empress “Sissy”.
Palms can be seen everywhere in Elche, and a good example is the tranquil Municipal Park, located next to the old quarter. In the blue-domed Basilica of Santa María, the largest church in the city, you can learn about the unique Passion Play known as “El Misteri”, a lyrical sacred drama performed in August.
And last but not least, we should mention the footwear industry, the main activity in Elche since the early 20th century is now focusing on high quality shoes.

Driving Time from pier: 75 minutes
Tour Duration: 5 and a half hours
Difficulty: Very low, 15 minute walk through the palm grove.


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