Cartagena is considered the best natural harbor lying by the Western Mediterranean, because  the hills surrounding it make a really nice shelter from the winds. That it’s why it was chosen to become one of the three main navy headquarters  in Spain by the 18th century, a time when the country tried to challenge the UK for the control of the seven seas. Plenty of buildings from that era remain today, such as the Navy Jail for Inmates & Slaves, although nowadays they have very different uses: university facility and also a see for the Naval Museum. Our tour starts by the pier, from where we will first head for this building, for you learn about the Naval history of the city: the main highlight here is Peral’s submarine, the first electrical submersible ever built as far as 1885. The next step will be visiting the gorgeous looking town hall, built in 1907, in the middle of the wealthy mining era, over a reclaimed shore. The tour will end by paying a visit to the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology, in order to learn more about the ancient times through wreckages remains, without forgetting its  last important addition: the 18th treasure belonging to the “Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes”, discovered recently close to the Gibraltar Strait.

Tour Duration: 3.30 hours
Difficulty: Low. No steps, always flat pavement.

Please, note, that you will be picked up by our guide at the pier and  NO TRANSPORT IS NEEDED OTHER THAN YOUR FEET!


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