Founded in the year 825 AD by the Muslim invaders that one century earlier had succeeded in invading Spain, Murcia hoards several interesting vestiges from an era in which it was one of the main Islamic settlements in the country. Our route starts by the remains of the 12th century wall, made of rammed earth, parts of which are still in good condition. The tour follows the traces of that wall which surrounded the old moorish quarter. In the city museum, some models and artefacts found in excavations will tell us its story . We will then resume the tour by having a look at the most recent Muslim remains found in the city, those belonging to a whole neighborhood that lied outside the walls. The next stop is Las Claras Museum, which houses remains from a 13th century summer palace, including a central inner courtyard with a water pond looking exactly as it did hundreds of years ago. We will end the tour by paying a visit to an oratory discovered underneath a 18th century church: this temple was built on top of the main construction from the Islamic age, the Main Alcassar or Alcázar Mayor, once it had been torn down by the Christians in the 13th century. But just as an era came to an end, a new one was dawning: recent discoveries support that Murcia’s Muslim society was the breeding ground for the Nazari culture that built La Alhambra.

Driving time from Cartagena: 40 minutes
Tour Duration: 4 hours and a half
Difficulty: Low. No steps, always flat pavement.

Offer Price fit for a Minivan up to 7 people. Other options please consult us.




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