Where Renaissance meets Baroque

Legend has it that two Trojan princes founded the so called City of Sun in ancient times, but the Muslims were the ones actually giving it its distinctive look. Proof of this is the unified ochre colour that stands out in the façades of the old quarters: built in the slope of a hill crowned with a castle still standing on top, strolling downtown means enjoying an array of different styles, from medieval walls to renaissance churches and baroque town houses. Thus getting to the heart of the city: the open public space of Plaza España, which has a monumental ensemble very difficult to forget preside by the only cathedral consecrated to Saint Patrick existing today in Spain. Lorca is also home to the more sumptuous parades in Spain, and the tour includes a visit to the museum which shows the incredible embroideries woven by the locals to be worn in this special occasion. Other local crafts, such as a colourful pottery, also have a main role here, and you’ll be getting some free time to discover them on your own in a local center.

Driving time from Cartagena: 75 minutes
Tour Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty: Low. No steps, always flat pavement



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