Medieval Castle and Jewish Synagogue Tour

When you reach Lorca, a fortress outlines in the sky almost filling the horizon as you get closer. That is the destination of our tour. A castle first built by the Muslims that made the city one of their  most important headquarters, during the period when they were the prevailing force in this area of Spain. When the Christians defeated them, by the middle of the 13th century, the castle was refurbished in their own fashion;  two massive towers –Espolón y Alfonsina- still remain  today from this period. The city started then to spread and the old quarters were built by the slope of that hill.  It was a time when Lorca became both a border city (between the muslim kingdom of Granada and the new reconquered Christian land of Murcial) and  a crossroads  in which people from the 3 monotheistic religions lived altogether. This fact has been proved recently by the discovery of the remains of a medieval synagogue and the quarters surrounding it. It is the only jewish temple that didn’t become a Christian church, so you can behold the remains just as they were left by the jews  that prayed there 500 years ago…

Driving time from Cartagena: 75 minutes
Tour Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty: Low. No steps, always flat pavement. If with large bus, the parking lot lies 300 meters from the castle along a middle steeped road that has to be walked up.

Offer Price fit for a Minivan up to 7 people. Other options please consult us.



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