Panoramic Drive + Hiking

This tour gives you the chance to do two different things: firstly, a panoramic drive through the mining sierra that lies beside Cartagena, where you’ll enjoy dramatic views and will be told about the mining history while seeing open air mines and beautiful coastal coves from the high road. And secondly, a 90 minute walk (up & down) to get to one of the most impressive sightseeing points in the whole area, from where you’ll be able to spot the whole coastline to Cartagena and beyond, including the nearby bay used by both Romans and 19th century mining tycoons to take the minerals away from the sierra . The location has another advantage: during the 20th century was home for an artillery battery, so two really huge cannons are displayed there.  It is possible to interact with them and going over the abandoned military facilities, some of them built in the odd eclectic style that was fashionable by the early 20th century, when they were erected. We will  go back to the city following the main highway while still enjoying a lovely scenery. You can have time there on your own to enjoy a drink in the city centre, very close to the harbour.

Driving time from Cartagena: 35 minutes
Tour Duration: 3 hours and a half
Difficulty: Middle-low.
90 minutes of hiking (up & down) along a not very steep path.



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